Ship Survey Status on Line
Date:September 20, 2020

Name of Ship:  


Class No.:   18U0039
IMO No.:   9783502

Type of Ship:  

Container Ship

Call Sign:  

Official No.:   HK-4982
Flag:   Hong Kong, China
Port of Registration:   Hong Kong
Class Character and Notations:
★CSA Container Ship
SOLAS II-2 Reg19;AFS;Green ship II;DFDR(H);FTP;In-Water Survey;ERS;BWMP;COMPASS (R,D,F);Loading Computer (S, I, D);PSPC(B);CM;
Class Status: Classed
Service Status: In service
Dual Class: LR
Double Class:  
Owner/Manager Information :
Address : Rm 4212-4213, Cosco Tower ,183 Queen’s Road Central ,Hong Kong
TEL/FAX/Contact person: 2809 8029 / 2543 6265 / Chen, Jiansi
TEL/FAX/Contact person: 021-65701888-215476 /   / Luo Xianzhong
DOC Holder/ISM operator: Shanghai Ocean Shipping Co.,Ltd.
Address : No.378 Dong Da Ming Road, Shanghai, China
TEL/FAX/Contact person: 021-61231266 / 021-65187760 /  
Symbols may be used hereinafter:  
**, Survey Entered into Time Window ***, Certificate Expired or Survey Overdue
Class maintenance is subject to compliance with the requirements of China Classification Society's (CCS's) Rules and Regulations and the attention is drawn to that the following circumstances would result in the suspension, withdrawal or cancel of Class:
1. For all the ships classed with CCS, the class certificate will become invalid and the class will be automatically suspended in any one of the following cases:
  (1) When the special survey has not been completed within the period of time stipulated in the Rules and an extension is not granted by the Society, unless the vessel is under attendance for completion prior to resuming trading, by the due date;
  (2) When the Annual Survey has not been completed within three (3) months of the due date of the annual survey, unless the vessel is under attendance for completion of the Annual Survey;
  (3) When the Intermediate Survey has not been completed within three (3) months of the due date of the third annual survey in each 5-year special survey cycle, unless the vessel is under attendance for completion of the Intermediate Survey;
2. For all the ships classed with CCS, the Society may suspend the class of a ship if any one of the following cases is confirmed:
  (1) When the ship is operating beyond the service limitation defined by its class notation and other additional conditions as approved;
  (2) When the ship is failed to submit any damage, defect, breakdown or grounding, which could invalidate the conditions for which a class has been assigned, for examination upon the first opportunity or, if proposed repairs have not been submitted to CCS and agreed upon prior to commencement;
3. For all the ships classed with this society, the class certificate may become invalid and the class may be suspended in any one of the following cases, unless the vessel is under attendance for completion of the surveys, by the due date:
  (1) When conditions of class or outstanding recommendations are not deleted by the due date and no extension has been granted;
  (2) When Continuous Survey items which are due or overdue at the time of Annual Survey are not completed and no extension has been granted;
  (3) When the other surveys required for maintenance of class, other than Annual, Intermediate or Special Surveys, are not carried out by the due date and no extension has been granted;
  (4) When repairs to any damage, defect, breakdown or grounding has not been completed as recommended and submitted for survey.
4. For all the ships classed with CCS, the Society may withdraw or cancel the class of a ship in any one of the following cases:
  (1) At the request of the Owner;
  (2) If the circumstances leading to suspension of class are not corrected within the time specified, the vessel's class will be withdrawn;
  (3) A vessel's class is withdrawn immediately when a vessel proceeds to sea without having completed recommendations or conditions of class which were required to be dealt with before leaving port.
  (4) When class has been suspended for a period of six (6) months due to overdue Annual, Intermediate, Special or other surveys required for maintenance of class; or overdue outstanding recommendations/ conditions of class, class will be withdrawn. A longer suspension period may be granted for vessels which are either laid up, awaiting disposition of a casualty or under attendance for reinstatement.;
  (5) Where hull, equipment or machinery (including electrical installations) is so badly damaged or in other conditions (e.g. sinking, scrapping, etc.) that continuing operation of the ship is confirmed as not possible;
  (6) When the payment of survey fees is not made in time.
5. If, due to circumstances reasonably beyond the Owner's or the Society's control (limited to such cases as: damage to the ship; unforeseen inability of the Society to attend the ship due to the governmental restrictions on right of access or movement of personnel; unforeseeable delays in port or inability to discharge cargo due to unusually lengthy periods of severe weather, strikes, or civil strife; acts of war, or other cases of force majeure) the vessel is not in a port where the overdue surveys can be completed at the expiry of the periods allowed, the Society may allow the vessel to sail, in class, directly to an agreed discharge port, and if necessary, hence, in ballast, to an agreed port at which the survey will be completed
6. If the survey requirements related to maintenance of special notations are not carried out as required, the suspension or withdrawal may be limited to those special notations only.
7. Withdrawal of the class of a ship will be indicated in the Register of Ships or its supplements or on the Society's website correspondingly.
8. When suspension or withdrawal of class of a ship becomes effective, the Society will send written notification to the Owner and the Administration of the flag State, and make an announcement on CCS website available to the underwriters and other interested parties concerned.

Class Survey Information

Ship General Information:

Principal Particulars
Length(LOA): 400 Length(LBP): 382
Moulded Breadth: 58.6 Moulded Depth: 30.7
Deadweight: 197061 Draft: 14

Regulation Gross Tonnage Net Tonnage
ITC 69 196670 92071
National (if any)    

Contract: 2015-09-09 Keel Laid: 2015-12-07
Date of Built: 2018-04-23 Delivery: 2018-04-23
Date of Major Conversion* Contract   Date of Major Conversion* Completed  
Date of Major Conversion* Commenced      
* class related conversion only, and this is the Commencement date of major conversion

Builder Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. Yard No. NE232

Major Conversion Shipyard

Hull Characteristics:
Primary Material: Steel

Class Certificates:
  Certificate Description Term Issue Date Due Date Postponed Until
  Classification Certificate FULL TERM 2018-06-21 2023-04-22  

Class Surveys:
  Survey Description Date of Last Survey Place of last survey Due Date Range Date Postponed Until
  Class Annual Survey 2020-05-27 Shanghai 2022-04-22 2022-01-23~2022-07-21  
** Class Intermediate Survey     2021-04-22 2020-01-23~2021-07-21  
  BTS     2021-04-22    
  Class Special Survey for Hull 2018-04-23   2023-04-22 2023-01-23~2023-04-22  
  Class Special Survey for Machinery 2018-04-23   2023-04-22 2023-01-23~2023-04-22  
Note:BTS means survey of the outside of the ship's bottom.

Class Memorandum:
Survey History:
Jobno Survey Date Survey Type
SH19SS10325 2019-02-20 CLS_AS
SH20SSS00206 2020-05-27 CLS_AS

Ship Certification and Inspection Status

Ship Information
Type of Ship: Other Cargo Ship Class No.: null
Flag: Hong Kong, China Port of Registry: Hong Kong
Distinctive No.or Letters: VRRO4 Gross Tonnage: 196670

Management Company
Ship Management Company: Address of Company:

Shipowner Information
Shipowner for MLC: Address of Shipowner:

Certificate Information:
Certificate Description Term(F/S/I) Issued Date Expiry Date Extended to
MLC F.T. 2018-11-14 2023-09-21  
SMC F.T. 2018-09-29 2023-09-21  
SEEMC F.T. 2019-03-08 2024-02-19  
ISSC F.T. 2018-09-29 2023-09-21  
DOC F.T. 2020-04-29 2025-06-14  

Verfication Information:
Descrption Kind of Next Verification Date if last Verification Place of last Verification Range Dates Postponed Until Remark
ISSC ISSC_INA 2018-09-22 Tianjin      
ISSC ISSC_MA     2020-09-22~2021-09-21    
ISSC ISSC_RA     2023-06-22~2023-09-21    
MLC MLC_INA 2018-09-22 Tianjin      
MLC MLC_MA     2020-09-22~2021-09-21    
MLC MLC_RA     2023-06-22~2023-09-21    
SER-EU SER-EU_AS          
SER-IMO SER-IMO_AS     2021-01-01~2021-05-31    
SER-IMO SER-IMO_INA 2020-05-18 Shanghai      
SMC SMC_INA 2018-09-22 Tianjin      
SMC SMC_MA     2020-09-22~2021-09-21    
SMC SMC_RA     2023-06-22~2023-09-21